Newcomers Information


Baroness Catherine and Lady Jael in front Catherine and Donal's Pavilion

Lord Opi, Baron Jean Claude, and Lord Jean Maurice watch from the sidelines at a tournament fight.

Lady Aislin with her son Alan and niece Ashley.

New to the SCA?  Looking for more info on what we do?

No problem! We Love new people!

You can check out the Kingdom of Atlantia's  Welcome Page, or peruse the advice and links below.

We have information on Going to your first event to Advice to Newcomers.  There is also a list of titles within the SCA and what they mean.  Check out the "Activities"  page for insights on all the fun things we do. You'll find that the SCA has so much to offer!

As always, if you have any questions we have lots of people who have answers.  Feel free to contact our Chatelaine or any one of our officers, or come and see us at a Fighters' Practice or Activities night. 

For what's going on in the Barony of Marinus, check out our Baronial Calendar page .

To find out information on upcoming events in the Kingdom of Atlantia, visit the Kingdom Calendar Page, and come be apart of the action!

Want to camp with the Barony of Marinus at Pennsic?

Please click this link.

    (From Left to Right) 
    Baron Aradd, Lord Ivarr, Master Otto & Lord Mungo pose for a          
     manly picture. 

Lord Marco and Lord Ivarr await their turn to shoot on the archery range.