Officers of the Barony of Marinus 

Our Baron and Baroness

Lord Jean Maurice le Marinier and Lady Catalina Riquel De Luna 

The Baron and Baroness oversee a large local group called a Barony and act as 
representatives of the Royal Crowns.  
We address them as"Your Excellency." 

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  The Chatelaine is responsible for making sure that the          newcomers to Marinus are make to feel welcome and      
   receive the assistance they need to become active  
   members of the SCA.  She is also responsible for ensuring    that the demos for recruitment and education are held.

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Deputy Chatelaine  For Demos


Herr Gunther von Lindenwald 


Deputy Chatelainte for Demonstrations, is in charge of setting up, coordinating, and booking demonstrations for the barony, so that we may go out into the public and show off all the fun and greatness that the SCA has to offer. 



Lord Ivarr Thorgislsson

  The Seneschal serves as the representative for Marinus to    the outside world.  He acts as the chief administrative      
   officer, similar to a group's president.

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Knights Marshal

Master Donal Mac Ruiseart

   The Knights Marshal is in charge of the rules and regulations for fighting and archery.  He sees to the safety of the participants.  Keeps a record of who is authorized within Marinus.  He is also responsible for seeing that fighters have  opportunity for training. 

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Andrew of Skye

The Herald is in charge of making announcements at events and helping people research their names and heraldic devices in preparation for submission to the College of Heralds.

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Master ArnbiĆørn Bassi Dansson

        The Exchequer is charged with the financial affairs
         for the Barony of  Marinus.

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Herr Gunther von Lindenwald 

The Chronicler publishes Marinus' newsletter and
keeps minutes of the business meetings.

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Minister of Arts and Sciences


The MoAS coordinates and encourages the study and practice of the medieval arts and sciences.  If you have any questions in these areas or want to learn more about one of the skills or crafts, contact her.

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Web Minister

Lady Vittoria Cavalieri

This person is responsible for maintaining the Baronial 
Website and event websites held by the Barony of Marinus.

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