Peers of Marinus


     Sir Otto von Schwartzkatz

Knight, Order of the Chivalry and Court Baron

Sir Otto is the Earl Knight Marshal for the Kingdom 

of Atlantia, which means he makes sure all the other Knight

Marshals throughout the kingdom are correctly following 

their duties.

As a member of the Chivalry, he devotes his time 

and service to training fighters to be great warriors who 

will one day become Knights, developing battle strategies 

during wars, marshalling tournaments, and, when the 

mood strikes him, he still dons his armor to fight on the 

battle field!

Dame Hróðný Rognvaldsdóttir 

Mistress of the Pelican

Mistress of the Laurel

Court Baroness

Dame Hróðný (pronounced Hh-roth-nee) has been in the 

SCA for many years, was one of the first Baronesses of the

Barony of Marinus, and delights in watching her beloved 

barony grow and prosper.

She cooks, sews, embroiders, specializes in Viking culture

and garb, plays medieval card games, and knits. She has

also been a "Camp Mom" at overnight events, is on the 

Pennsic Staff, and devotes her time to preserving "The 

Dream" of the SCA.

Dame Hróðný also enjoys penguins of all kinds and collects

Legos! She is also the loving wife of Master Arnbiørn Bassi


     Mistress Margrét Eyverska 

Mistress of the Laurel

Court Baroness

Mistress Margret is the gentle wife of Baron Otto von 

Schwartzkatz who enjoys working with her hands and was 

also a former Baroness of Marinus. 

Whether it's embroidery, sewing, knitting, veil-making, 

cooking, being a "Camp Mom", Mistress Margret likes to 

do a bit of everything. You will often find her seated 

comfortably in the corner of a tent working on her next




Master Arnbiørn Bassi Dansson 

Master of the Pelican

Court Baron

Master Arnbiørn Bassi Dansson may have the gruff 

exterior of a bear but he has a soft heart inside and 

truly loves the SCA.

He has been a heavy fighter, a fencer, was a former Baron

 of Marinus, has held many baronial offices, is on the 

Pennsic Staff, and a woodworker. He has Marshaletes in 

both Armored Combat and Rapier Combat, and like his 

wife Dame Hróðný, he devotes his services and time to 

preserving "The Dream" of the SCA.

       Master Donal Mac Ruiseart

               Master of the Pelican
                       Court Baron

Master Donal was the very first Baron of Marinus and is a 

herald through and through. He enjoys lifting his voice for 

all to hear, is a renowned heavy fighter and Marshal, 

an educated man-about-town, well versed in the customs

of chivalry and manners, eager to lend a hand, and a great

story teller. 

You will often find him on the field of battle and when he is

not striking terror into the hearts of Atlantia's foes, Master

Donal can be seen doting on his dear wife Baroness

Catherine de Bellefleur.



      Elizabeth Camerona NicIan 

                      Mistress of the Laurel


Sir William of Bellwood 

Knight, Order of the Chivalry

Court Baron 

Sir William has been in many kingdoms and seen the SCA 

grow from a few friends to a large organization.

He was a former Baron of Marinus, is the current 

Exchequer for the Barony, a respected Knight, enjoys 

teaching his battle tactics, Marshalling Heavy Armored 

Combat, has done metal and wood working, and enjoys 

cooking alongside his wife Lady Sarah Elizabeth in the 

kitchen at events. 

Sir Aldrydd Ffestiniog  

   Knight, Order of the Chivalry

Landed Baron, Deceased.

Baron Aldrydd (often called "Arath") was a shining example

of what a Knight should be: courteous, courageous, fierce

in battle, merciful and honorable to his foes, a tyrant to his

squires, kind to his subjects, beloved by his peers, and 

good humored.

His Excellency enjoyed teaching his fighting skills, smiting 

Atlantia's foes, playing with his son, and being near his 

lovely wife, Baroness Isabel d'Avignon.

He passed away on February 20, 2017 and this entry

remains as a reminder of our beloved Marinusian Knight.