The Barony of Marinus

Baronial Announcements

10/2/20 - Polling closes 10/3. If your electronic polling is not working, or you did not receive one, email the seneschal and he will send you a pdf copy of the poll. As the poll must be postmarked by 10/3, he needs your request BEFORE 12:00pm on 10/3. Email requests can be sent to

9/8/20 - We will vote on Baronial Herald and Baronial Exchequer at November's MOOT. If you are interested, please email your letter of intent to the seneschal at

9/6/20 - Master Andreas has issued guidance on timeline of Baronial polling. Please see Baronial polling page for more information.

8/18/20 - Archery practices will resume on 8/22 using COVID safety measures. Practices will have a maximum of 10 participants.

8/17/20 - Meet the candidates night will occur on 8/21/20 at 7:30.

8/16/20 - Investiture polling will be open from 9/12/20 to 10/3/20.

8/16/20 - The Barony of Marinus now includes Suffolk (zip code 23434).