The Barony of Marinus

Baronial Announcements

4/1/21 – The Board of Directors has issued a resolution lifting the ban on in-person activities at the Society level. The full instruction is available at :

2/9/21 – Ilhuicacihuatl called Yzma has been chosen as the new Seneschal. Antoinette Argentina has been chosen as the new Chronicler. Lady Lucinda of Southhampton has been chosen as the new Exchequer. Magnifica Seraphina Delphino has been chosen as the new Herald.

11/14/20 – Their Majesties have selected Lord Paganus and Lady Delecta to serve as the next Baron and Baroness of Marinus. Their investiture will occur on March 6, 2021.

11/11/20 - Unto the esteemed Populace of Marinus,

Their Royal Majesties will be announcing their choice for your next Baronage this weekend at VIRTUAL ROYAL COURT: Leon Court at Castillo de Ponferrada (Nov 14th @ 2PM) -


Master Andreas de Caunteton, OP

Regional Deputy Seneschal

10/2/20 - Polling closes 10/3. If your electronic polling is not working, or you did not receive one, email the seneschal and he will send you a pdf copy of the poll. As the poll must be postmarked by 10/3, he needs your request BEFORE 12:00pm on 10/3. Email requests can be sent to

9/8/20 - We will vote on Baronial Herald and Baronial Exchequer at November's MOOT. If you are interested, please email your letter of intent to the seneschal at

9/6/20 - Master Andreas has issued guidance on timeline of Baronial polling. Please see Baronial polling page for more information.

8/18/20 - Archery practices will resume on 8/22 using COVID safety measures. Practices will have a maximum of 10 participants.

8/17/20 - Meet the candidates night will occur on 8/21/20 at 7:30.

8/16/20 - Investiture polling will be open from 9/12/20 to 10/3/20.

8/16/20 - The Barony of Marinus now includes Suffolk (zip code 23434).