The Barony of Marinus

Greetings unto the populace of the Barony of Marinus,

The Paper Polling will be mailed next Tuesday from Wilmington, NC, scheduled to begin arriving on or about Saturday the 12th. This coincides with the opening of the Electronic Polling. The mailing address used represents the most recent information on file with Milpitas. Everyone active as of the beginning of the month is eligible to receive/complete a Polling as defined by your selection of Polling or Electronic means on your Atlantia ESP account. If you do not receive a written polling in reasonable time and were supposed to, it is possible that it is in the Postal “Twilight Zone”, or an accidental omission somehow. Please contact myself or your Seneschal to receive a replacement you can fill out and submit to TRMs. All Written Pollings must be postmarked by October 3rd. The Electronic Polling will close at the same time.

Please note that there are two sides to the Paper Polling. On one side, are the instructions and a place for you to fill in your name, membership information, and apply signature. On the other side, you will rank the candidates and provide your counsel to their Majesties. Please be sure you complete both sides for the Polling to be valid. As always, TRMs will also consider the words of non-member participants submitted in writing or electronically, using the contact information on the Kingdom Website.

It has been an honor to serve Marinus and I wish all the best to the future Baronage.

Master Andreas de Caunteton, OP

The regional Seneschal has received Their Majesties acceptance of the following candidates who submitted letters of intent.  Those letters of intent can be viewed by the links below.

Please direct any and all questions to Master Andreas, NC Regional Seneschal

For more information about polling, or to sign up for electronic polling, please visit

In reverse Order of Precedence


Letters of Intent

Marinus LOIs.pdf Marinus LOIs.pdf
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-9/12: Electronic polling open.

-10/3: Polling closed.