Barony of Marinus

Class Schedule

Eastern Time

8:30 AM – Welcome to Huapahua - Lobby Opens

9:00am – Dance of the New World Through The Eyes of European Artists
     taught by Rosalind bint Mihrimah of Glenn Abhann

9:00am – Aztec Languages 101: Classical Nahuatl (2 Hour Class)
     taught by Lord Tenochcacuicatl Delmar of Ansteorra

10:00am – New World Fermented Beverages
     taught by Baroness Delecta Diana d’Averno of Atlantia

11:00am – The Florentine Codex
     taught by Etienne of Burgundy of Meridies

11:00am – Drumming in the Cantares Mexicanos: New World Percussion in                    the Aztec Empire
     taught by Lord Tenochcacuicatl Delmar of Ansteorra

Noon – Baronial Court of Their Excellencies Baroness Delecta and                     Baron Paganus of Marinus

12:30-1:30 – Lunch Break

1:30pm – New World People in Europe: Late Period Encounters
     taught by Doña Juliana de Luna of An Tir

1:30pm – Medicine Dancing: What Is It And How Does It Work
     taught by Lord Rojhon the Wanderer of the Midrealm

2:30pm – The Medieval Peoples of the Colorado Plateau
     taught by Señor Ramon De Javier of Artemisia


2:30pm – El Patronato Real: Spain and the Church in the New World
     taught by Magistra Beatriz Aluares de la Oya of Atlantia

3:30pm – Beading 101
     taught by Lord Rojhon the Wanderer of the Midrealm

3:30pm - Ohen:ton Karihwatehkwen tánon Kaianerkó:wa The Words                     before all Else and the Great Law of Peace (2 Hour Class)
     taught by Master Estgar aet Hrofeceastre of the East Kingdom

4:30pm – Aztec Names and Heraldry
     taught by Lord Kallinikos Gavras of the Midrealm

4:30pm – Annotated Translation of a Baronial Award Into Early Spanish
     taught by Baroness Elieth de Salazar of the Outlands

5:30pm - Aztec Illumination
    taught by Baroness Isibel inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid of the                     Midrealm

5:30pm – “La Florida” Before Spain
      taught by Magistrissa Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina of                             Atlantia

6:30pm - Twine Time!: Everything You Didn't Know You Wanted to                                 Know About Pre-Colonial Twining in the Southeast
     taught by Malkyn Hawke of Ansteorra


6:30pm – Mexica Garb: What The Aztecs Wore
     taught by Lord Ocelotl Moctezuma of Caid