The Barony of Marinus


(Above) Herr Gunther von Lindenwald bakes up delicious breads
for a feast.

Cooking in the SCA is not only educational but rewarding for all! You can research medieval and ancient recipes to tantalize the taste-buds and satisfy the soul, or experiment with old eats from around the globe. Or if you just enjoy working in the kitchen with great people and having fun, then SCA cooking is for you! 

And who doesn't love to eat? 

Most SCA events have a feast at the end where you can literally eat like royalty and sample course after course of dishes from bygone eras. 

If you have food allergies don't worry! We want everyone to leave full and enjoy a good meal; the cooking staff is more than happy to remove certain ingredients upon request.

(Above) Herr Gunther, Her Excellency Sarah Elizabeth, Lord Thor and staff having fun in the kitchen.

(Left) Lord Thor is ready to cook and get messy doing it!