Barony of Marinus

Bards, Brewers, and Bakers

Dec 18, Yule.

Join us for our second BBB where we will start the night with a fun show and tell display.

Not Your Baron’s Gingerbread House

To share in the holiday spirit and include all members of our barony, we want to open this fun display to all SCA personas, eras and dessert materials. ;)
To participate, please email all entries to by December 15th.

  1. SCA period structure (pre 1600)
  2. No store bought pre-made kits
  3. All or most construction materials should be edible
  4. Structure may be assisted by cardboard, toothpick, or popsicle stick (preferably not visible)
  5. Entry will include *at least* 4 photos of the entire structure and what inspired you (front, back, both sides)
  6. Can include lights such as battery powered tealights
  7. Royal Icing encouraged (fat based icing will soak in and weaken structure)
  8. You can use the E-Z doc form if you like.