The Barony of Marinus

The Barony of Marinus is an inclusive and diverse community of historical reenactors. While we seek to provide accurate information and display a well-documented impression of the medieval world, we acknowledge that problematic ideas and social systems were in practice during that period, many of which are not always appropriate in a modern setting. As a Barony, we respect the lives and rights of all people. We welcome all those interested in recreating the Middle Ages, individuals of every race, ethnic origin, color, religious belief or lack thereof, level of physical ability, sexual orientation or gender expression. Our officers encourage comments and suggestions regarding our ability to provide a safe and secure environment for you and others to feel comfortable at our events.

The members of the Barony of Marinus celebrate and support a culture of inclusivity and sensitivity in line with the official SCA policy barring harassment and bullying, which is linked below for your reference.