The Barony of Marinus

Titles in the SCA

There are a number of titles used within the SCA. Those people that have a title have earned their title through hard work, service, and dedication. Since it is likely that you will meet people with these titles, here is a quick guide into each of the officially recognized titles, and the common ways to address those that have the title.

King and Queen

These are the current rulers of the kingdom, chosen by combat in the Crown Tourney. The actual winner of the tournament is indicated by the suffix by right of arms after his/her title. Call them "Your Majesty."

Prince and Princess

There are two types of Princes and Princesses--Crown and Territorial. The Crown Prince and Princess are heirs to the kingdom, chosen by combat in the Crown Tourney. Call them "Your Royal Highness." A territorial Prince and Princess rule over a Principality, a territory which is a subdivision of a kingdom. They are also chosen by combat. Their form of address varies from kingdom to kingdom. As Atlantia does not currently have any principalities, you will probably not have to worry about territorial princes and princesses.

Duke or Duchess

They have served at least twice as King or Queen. Call them "Your Grace."

Count or Countess

They have served once as King or Queen. Call them "Your Excellency." Some alternate titles are Earl (Jarl, Iarll) and Graf.

Viscount or Viscountess

They have served at least once as territorial Prince or Princess. Call them "Your Excellency."

Baron or Baroness

They oversee a large local group called a Barony and act as representatives of the Crown. Call them "Your Excellency."

Court Baron or Baroness

They have been granted the title as a reward from the Crown, often for exceptional service. However, they are not the heads of territories as are the other barons and baronesses. Call them "Your Excellency."

Lord or Lady

They have been granted an Award of Arms by the Crowns for service to the Kingdom and thus have been elevated to the nobility. It is typically the first Kingdom level award received. AoA recipients are called "Lord" or "Lady".

Elevation Ranks

There are four special elevated ranks in the SCA: the Chivalry, the Laurels, the Pelicans, and the Masters of Defense. These people are collectively known as the Peers of the Realm. In many kingdoms the Order of the Rose is also Peerage-level and in some kingdoms former royalty are called “Royal Peers”.


The Chivalry of the SCA consists of the Order of Knighthood and the Order of Mastery of Arms. Members are chosen by the Crown after consulting with the Chivalry for qualities of courtesy, grace and skill at arms. Knights swear fealty to the Crown and are entitled to wear a white belt. They wear a chain as a symbol of their fealty. Call them "Sir" (name). Mastery of Arms is for those persons who choose not to swear fealty and is equal in rank to knighthood. They wear a white baldric but do not wear a chain since it represents fealty. Address them as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name). In most kingdoms, spurs are limited to the Chivalry as one of their signs of rank.


Members of the Order of the Laurel are chosen by the crown after consultation with the Order for great skill in the Arts or Sciences, for their willingness to teach others, and for using their abilities to benefit their kingdom. They are addressed as "Master" or "Mistress" or "Dame" (name). Their insignia is a laurel wreath, usually colored green on a gold background.


Members of the Order of the Pelican have given of themselves to their kingdom, usually for many years and without thought of reward. They are chosen by the Crown in consultation with the Order. Address them as "Master" or "Mistress" or "Dame" (name). Their insignia is a "pelican in her piety," a pelican piercing her breast to feed her young with her own blood.

Masters of Defense

Members of this Order are selected based on their skill in rapier and/or cut-and-thrust combat. Address them as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name).

Order of the Rose

Members of the Order of the Rose are chosen from those individuals who have served their kingdom by ruling as Queen or Consort. In many kingdoms it is Peerage-level.