The Barony of Marinus

Here you will find the various members of our grand populous

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Lady Heloise de Bruyeres

Lady Héloïse de Bruyères has been a member of the p populace since A.S. XLIX 

(Anno Societatis 49 or  2014 C.E.) 

She dabbles in many disciplines including archery, brewing, music, cheese and soapmaking. She is best known as a principal member of the Knowne World Courtesans, a free confederation of SCAdians whose primary focus is historical sex work in period. 
Her current interests include historical cosmetics & haircare, as well as constructing transitional/late period garb from the Savoy region and surrounding area.

For more information on the Knowne World Courtesans

Mistress Seraphina Delfino 

Mistress Seraphina is a Mistress of the Pelican , dabbles in

sewing & 
embroidery, and does archery when she


She was originally a protege to Dame Hróðný 

and is also interested in period


Baron Jean Maurice

Rapier Fighter Gold Scarf and Rapier Marshal.

Previous Baron and Seneschal.

"I was born near the coastal city of Bayonne, France in the Early 16th Century and grew up as the son of a merchant mariner.  In following the family business, I learned the ways of a seafarer and I am now a mariner like my father."

Baroness Catalina 

Lady Catalina, the wife of Lord Jean Maurice, is a flurry of energy and good times that is never satisfied with just one job!

She is an autocrat, Ministress of the List, Troll, a Land-o-crat, seamstress, archer, trim maker, morale booster, herald, Baronial Webminister, and official Magpie. Previous Baroness of Marinus. 

Lord Andrew of Skye


Lord Andrew of Skye is a true Scottsman.

He tends the fields at events, shoots archery, brews delicious beverages and helps out wherever he can - all while wearing a kilt.

Lady  Jamila al-`Aquliyya

Lady Aquliyya (Lady Akila to her friends) is a hardworking woman who enjoys storytelling to delight and inspire her fellow Scadians both young and old. She also makesjewelry and beads, brews and cooks.


Baron Raimond Latiener 

& Baroness Jael Grabow

This dynamic husband and wife duo work hard for 

Marinus, offering their farmland on the borders of 

the Barony for war practices and open up their

home for  SCAdian travelers making long trips.

Often they have laid claim to space for Marinus at 

large events and made it ready for us to arrive. 

Their hospitality and generosity are known 

throughout the lands and so is their wonderful 


Baroness Jael is a seamstress and Baron Raimond 

dabbles in just about everything the SCA has to 



Honorable Lord Ivarr Thorgislsson

Ivarr was born on the east coast of Sweden and

bears the same name as one of his ancestors born in

 the 9th century.

He is a noble fencer, an archer that shoots longbow,

crossbow, and Atlatl, a marshal in both of those 

disciplines, and devotes himself to the service of his

Barony and the Dream of the SCA. 

Ivarr has previously been the Baronial

and the Baronial Chatelaine and now

the Baronial Seneschal .


Baroness Catherine de Bellefleur

Baroness Catherine was the first Baroness of Marinus and 

enjoys being involved with everything that goes on within 

the barony.

She is a seamstress by trade and enjoys anything that has 

to do with sewing, embroidering, needlework, or garb 

making to period specifications.

Baroness Catherine is the dutiful and loving wife of Master

Donal Mac Ruiseart and loves being a pivotal part of her 


                Lord Esteban de Rizo 

Rizo, as he is called by his friends, is an archer and thrown 

weapons master, who has been a Baronial Champion in 

both disciplines.

He is also a seafarer who has been on many expeditions to

foreign lands bringing back riches and tales of strange 

places to Atlantia. His prowess on the seas has felled many

pirates wanting to plunder and pillage the shores of 

our beloved kingdom. Indeed, so foiled have many a 

scalleywag's plans become that the name of Rizo is both 

feared and respected across the seas!

Lord Marco de Verona & Angela

Lord Marco has  an acute passion for all things archery and thrown weapons. He created and autocrats the Middle Atlantian Archery Day (MAAD as it's called) so archers in the center of the kingdom can have their own, convenient, archery event. 

Wood working is another love of Lord Marco, he makes his own arrows, archery targets, custom benches, tables and chairs.

His lovely wife Angela is from England and is a master seamstress who makes stunning garb for both her and her husband. 

Lady Vittoria Cavalieri 

Lady Vittoria  joined the SCA in 2012 and it never 

ceases to  amaze and delight her. She enjoys archery,

cooking, marshalling, sewing, 
helping wherever &

she can, and wearing sparkly garb.  It's true,

been nicknamed "Shiny"! 

Currently, Lady Vittoria is a protege to 

Hróðný enjoys shooting targets with her crossbow,

and was considerable Webminister of consequence for Marinus. Serving honorably in her tenure with great dignity and sacrifice.

She's interested in embroidery, learning to sew 

better garb, scroll work, and growing in the archery