Barony of Marinus

Barony of Marinus, show off the great A&S work you have created in the last year.

To be added, email your SCA name a photo or file, and your documentation (if used) to All projects will be used for the this page only and will be taken down after investiture.

Lord Paganus Akritas: Poem, “A Lover Searches History”

Paganus Write up.docx Paganus Write up.docx
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Paganus Poem.docx Paganus Poem.docx
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Lord Ivarr Thorgislsson: Various Handcrafted Arrows

Ilhuicacihuatl, called Yzma: A classic sourdough loaf, a slow fermented boule, and a rosemary and caramelized onion focaccia.

Lady Antoinette Argentina: Various inkle loom pieces

Lord Johannes von Hammersbach: Various Handcrafted Arrows

Lady Cecily Shore of Marinus: Treatment of Bleeding and Wounds in Anglo-Saxon England